Formal Alüminyum
Quality policy
The implementation of the documents, documents, reports and general procedures prepared in the context of the integrated management system in line with our internal audit procedure, encouraging and encouraging innovative, variable and productive approaches, carrying out trainings that increase the technical and behavioral competencies within the defined periods. Creation of a team spirit with the synergetic fiction of the individual motivation conditions by implementation of the document, report and general operation created within the framework of the integrated management system, promotion of innovative, variable and productive approaches and training courses that increase the technical and behavioral competencies within the specified periods; As a natural result of the continuous improvement approach, it is a rational approach to raise and maintain the level that can exist in the world market to maintain the title of preferred supplier by offering solutions that are in line with customer requirements and expectations are aligned with company guidelines and responsibilities that are determined by legal and other conditions, as well as a rational philosophy of continuous improvement of all business processes. we are determined to take advantage of the opportunity.

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