Formal Alüminyum
Electro-Static Powder Coating Unit

By renewing the electrostatic powder coating system, FORMAL ALUMİNİUM had the opportunity to invest sensitively in very important issues such as high capacity, energy saving and environmental awareness.


The most important feature of the new system is the chromating of the chromating process, which should be carried out with Crom-free before painting, which ensures that the manufacturing process remains environmentally friendly.


It saves energy thanks to the tunnel oven with electricity and free conveyor.


With 20 corona robot arms and 2 different painting booths, the system can cover 2,000,000 m² of paint annually.


Powder-coated profiles have a decorative effect. They also resist ultraviolet rays and sudden changes in temperature. According to customer requirements, a variety of colors are painted in different Ral codes.

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