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Electro-Static Powder Coating Unit
By renewing the FORMAL Aluminium Electrostatic Powder Coating Plant, it has had the opportunity to make a sensitive investment in very important issues such as high capacity, energy saving and environmental sensitivity in new features.

The biggest feature of the new plant is that it works Crom-free and reduces the chromium contained in the chromating process, which must be done before painting, and thus takes care of environmental health while producing on the one hand.

It saves energy thanks to the tunnel type oven with power and free conveyor.

Electrostatic Powder Coating Plant has been invested in very important issues such as energy saving and environmental sensitivity while increasing the current capacity to 2 times with movable cabinets.

With 20 corona robotic arms and 2 different paint booths, the facility is capable of covering 2,000,000 m2 of paint annually.

The quality controls of the painted products are controlled by making weight loss calculation, boiling water test, scratch test, impact test, bombe test, cylindrical bending test, gloss measurement and coating thickness measurements in the laboratory environment.

Powder coated profiles have a decorative appearance. In addition, they are resistant to ultraviolet rays and sudden temperature changes. According to customer demands, painting is carried out with a wide range of colors in different Ral codes.

In our electrostatic powder coating unit, all QUALICOAT quality requirements are met and our productions are carried out.

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