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Formal Alüminyum Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. started its aluminium profile production activities in Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone in 2003 with 45 years of experience of the Board of Directors. Since the day it started its activities, it has adopted the vision of developing its sector and adding value to its stakeholders by producing innovative solutions. On its way with this vision, Formal Aluminium took its place in the lists of Turkey's second 500 Largest Industrial Enterprises and Turkey Exporters Assembly in 2021.

In order to provide quality and fast solutions to increasing customer demands, Formal Aluminium constantly adds new ones to its investments and continues its activities without slowing down in a total area of 105,000 m²,  which 52,000 m² is closed, in 3 separate campuses, Kayseri Organised Industrial Zone and Kayseri Free Zone campuses. 

Formal Aluminium, which has an annual production volume of 28.800 tons of aluminium profiles, carries out design and product development studies with its experienced technical staff in line with customer demands and needs. In addition, it is taking firm steps towards becoming the sector leader in special alloy products.

Formal Aluminium, which has adopted customer satisfaction as a principle, offers its customers profiles in standard sizes as well as finished and semi-finished products by performing product shaping processes with its advanced mechanical processing facility in line with the demands and requests of its customers.

Formal Aluminium, which produces surface solutions in its anodising facility with an annual capacity of 3.350.000 m² and electrostatic powder coating facilities with an annual capacity of 2.000.000 m² located in its campuses, also offers surface diversity to its customers with its length and part anodising, polishing and satin finishing facilities.

Formal Aluminium, which closely follows technological developments and renews its technology day by day, has achieved world standards in product quality by performing chemical, mechanical and metallographic tests with its expert staff in its advanced laboratory.

In this adventure of more than 20 years, Formal Aluminium, which continues to renew itself and serves many sectors, especially the defence industry, automotive sub-industry, aerospace industry, white goods, machinery manufacturing and energy sector, continues to be the supplier of sector leaders worldwide by exporting to 38 countries in 5 continents today.

With all these properties, FORMAL ALUMINIUM is ready to be your solution partner. 
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