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Occupational Health and Safety Policy

While carrying out our production and other ordinary activities under standard conditions defined in terms of criteria, legal obligations and conditions set by related parties, using safe equipment and suitable technologies for a healthy and safe working environment, can result in accidents at work or possible Lead occupational diseases in the workplace. With the participation of our employees and stakeholders, our trainee, together with our employees, effectively identifies the unsafe situations and movements that are detrimental to the environment, possible accident risks, to identify them in advance by performing an effective risk assessment with a proactive approach reduce or completely eliminate the severity of the damage. Keeping the safety and health of visitors and personnel at the supplier's workplaces at the highest level, taking into account the development of the industrial world by taking into account which positive / negative situations can be met in the future in order to focus on people-centered continuous improvement promote to improve the motivational environment, to improve the motivational environment and to create a corporate culture with our sensitivity, which we regard as an obligation to protect human health and life due to irreparable errors and inconsistencies. we commit ourselves.

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