Formal Alüminyum
Mechanical Processing Unit

It produces finished products and semi-finished products with processes such as cutting, grinding, drilling, countersinking, threading, mitering, welding with 0.1 mm accuracy with CNC machines in the profile processing unit established within the body of FORMAL Aluminium. In particular, it enables product assembly without the need for industrialist customers to invest in any aluminium processing process.

We have a total of 6 CNC machines, including 2 5-axis CNC Horizontal Machining, 3 4-axis CNC, 1 3-axis CNC (Vertical Machining).

There are 9 precision saws, 2 V-cuts and 4 special eccentric press machines in CNC specifications. The Mechanical Processing department is able to respond to all surface treatment solutions in accordance with customer demands for 55% of all production.

The dec, mitre, technical drawing conformity and tolerance deviation values of the processed products and compliance with the standards are checked and recorded with process intermediate control forms.

Solutions are produced by processing up to 10.5 meters of products at this established facility.

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