Formal Alüminyum

In the Formal Aluminium laboratory, with our expert engineer staff, processes are controlled in the process starting with the analysis of incoming raw materials and product quality is guaranteed by analyses.

Raw materials are subjected to input control with mobile spectrometer analysis.

Mechanical analyses of the manufactured products are performed in our tensile test device. 3.1 certificate is prepared according to EN 10204 standard for all our customers who request it.

For dimensional analyses in all production processes, profile section measurements are tested in 2D with our profile projection device.

All tests in Qualicoat and Qualanod specifications and pool concentration tests are carried out by the laboratory team.

Metallographic tests such as ultrasonic testing, particle size testing, micro hardness testing for special alloy products are carried out by our Level II certified expert team.

Test or control method requirements required in new product processes are determined in project evaluations and included in the scope of the laboratory.

Our Test Equipments

Ultrasonic Test Device

Tensile Testing Machine


Hardness measuring device (Brinnell)


Electrolyte Etching Device

Drying Oven (ETUV)

2D Profile Section Measuring Device

Coating Thickness Measurement Device

Spectrophotometer (Colour Measurement)

Glossmeter (Gloss Measurement)

Qualicoat and Qualanod Test Equipment

Anodised Pool Measurement Equipment

Precision Cutting Saw

Bakelite Removal Device

Surface Polishing Device

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