Formal Alüminyum
Information Security Policy


FORMAL ALUMINUM SAN. Ve TİC. A.Ş. and our employees are trying to manage all kinds of risks to our information security and information resources;

- Our information security management system should be documented to meet the requirements of ISO 27001: 2013. Certification and continuous improvement

- Increasing awareness of information security, technical and behavioral competences

- Compliance with all applicable information security laws and regulations

- Strengthening the reliability of the establishment of the parties concerned,

- identifying the relevant risks to ensure the establishment and continuity of the information security management system as part of the strategic business plan and risk management;

- To preserve the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of the information assets of our customers, suppliers or other third parties as part of the Information Security Management System,

-  Systematic management of risks and opportunities for information resources

- To protect the competitive, profitability, legal and image of our company, we are committed to protecting the confidentiality, integrity and all physical and electronic data within the company.


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