Formal Alüminyum
Anodizing Unit

FORMAL Aluminium In its electrostatic anodizing system with a capacity of 60,000 amperes and 18,000 amperes and a capacity of 3,050,000 m² per year, special applications such as anodized and matt, polished (high-gloss), satined (chrome effect) and white (natural), bronze, Brown, black and requested. 

It is capable of anodic oxidation (anodic oxidation) in the layer thickness.

 Since the bath lengths are 7.5 meters, the anodized coating of aluminium profiles can be up to 7 meters. 

The length of the anodized baths offers our customers a clear advantage, especially for products that can be used seamlessly in outdoor indoor advertising products and facade profiles. In addition to our standard colors, special color studies are carried out in our existing color pools.

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