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Anodizing Unit

FORMAL Aluminium is able to Anodize in White (Natural), Bronze, Brown, Black colors and desired coating thickness as well as special applications such as Anodizing and Matte, Polishing (Glossy), Satin (Chrome Effect) with an annual capacity of 3,050,000 m2 in a 60,000 Ampere Anodizing plant and an 18,000 Ampere Electrolytic color anodizing facility. Due to the fact that the length of the bathroom is 7.5 meters, anodized coatings of aluminium profiles up to 7 meters can be made. Especially in outdoor-indoor advertising products and products that will be used as a minus on facade profiles, the length of the anodizing baths is long, which gives our customers a distinct advantage.

In addition to our standard colors, special color studies are also performed in our existing color pools.

The products produced in our anodizing unit are manufactured by meeting all QUALANOD and TS 4922 quality requirements with features such as UV resistance, color fastness during service life.

Anodizing Coating Plant; Our production of products with glossy, matte, satin anodized surface treatment with QUALANOD quality certificate and TS 4922 quality certificate, which has international validity, continues with an annual capacity of 3.050.000 m2. Surface treated products are kept under control by stain and coating thickness test, foil adhesion test during the process. In addition, the chemical suitability values of the pool are checked by laboratory tests. Our products, which have completed quality controls with spectrophotometers and coating thickness measurement devices, are packaged and delivered with surface protection.

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