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Formal Alüminyum San.ve Tic. A.Ş. began her activities with your 400 & 800 ton press in 2003 on a closed area of ​​3000 m² and shared her then 21 years of experience under the name Ezinç Metal Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. the market



In order to offer faster and higher quality service to the increasing customer needs, you increased your production capacity by commissioning 1,800 tons of press in a closed area of ​​7,000 m2 in 2006. FORMAL has achieved its ability to give its customers a profile up to 13 meters long by adding a 14 meter heat treatment furnace to the production.



In order to better serve the customer in the industrial sector, a 3-axis CNC profile processing machine that can initially process 4 meters of profile and 5-axis CNC machines that can profile up to 10 meters were used in the same period .


After expanding its closed area to 12,000 m² at the beginning of 2007, FORMAL Alüminyum renewed its existing powder coating with a modern system with an annual coating capacity of 1,500 tons and continued to invest in surface solutions. At the end of the same year, FORMAL Alüminyum started up an annual capacity of 3600 tons.


After FORMAL put the 1460 ton press into operation in 2011, FORMAL increased the growth rate in 2013, alongside the closed area to 16,000 m², expanded the anodizing plant to an annual capacity of 7500 tons and built a 4-axis CNC machine which could process profiles up to 7 meters in the mechanical processing unit.


FORMAL, which expanded its product range in 2015 with the installation of the new 1100 ton press, has expanded the variety of its surface treatment solutions to 5000 TON per year with its new powder coating system with double cabin, with 4 polishing machines, 2 satinizing systems and one blasting system.


FORMAL has been strengthened by expanding its research and development department, project department and technical office and planning unit through investments in technology. By developing sector-specific profiles, FORMAL makes its contribution to the production and economy in Turkey.


In addition to the profiles that were specially developed for the companies with their boutique production, they have started the production of joinery, sliding and facade profiles with their mass production.



Thanks to its accumulated experience, FORMAL has succeeded in supplying the industry leaders in photovoltaic solar systems with its designed and manufactured products.

FORMAL solar construction systems are certified and have significant advantages in terms of moments of inertia and meter weights compared to current competitors on the market.


You experience the speed, security and easy installation with FORMAL Solar Construction Systems. Our aluminium systems are designed for cooperation with steel products and enable our customers to carry out hybrid projects.


1 MW out of 10 MW set up in Turkey is part of FORMAL SOLAR SYSTEM.



In 2019;


• Product variety in new alloys with 3500 UST Double Action press system,

• revision and renewal of the tool shop,

• Investments in the machine park of the profile processing system,

• Installation of a new powder coating system

• Information security certification ISO 27001,

• 10,000 m² closed area



From 2020;



1100 UST, 1460 UST, 1800 UST and 3500 UST double-action presses with an annual production capacity of 28,800 tons of aluminium profiles,


An annual capacity of 60,000 amps and 18,000 amps of 3,050. 000 m2, polishing and anodizing coating system.


2,000,000 m² electrostatic powder coating system with robotic arm technology and 2 different painting booths ,,


Profile machining system with a capacity of 19,000 tons per year with 6 CNCs, 10 precision cuts, eccentric presses and tapping machines in our machine park.


Packaging machine with 6,000 tons / year packaging, 4,800,000 tons / year film, 4,800 tons / year box capacity


With our fast and secure logistics unit that brings 100% customer satisfaction to every point in the world and Turkey.


With our renewed and increased quality certificates,

It is a principle to serve industry leaders with their customer-centric solutions for new investments.

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