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FORMAL Aluminium has an annual production capacity of 28,800 tons thanks to the 3,500 tons Double Action press commissioned in the first quarter of 2020, the technical features of the press and the ability to produce extruded aluminium profiles in different alloys with additional cooling systems (Quench).

3.500 UST full automatic extrusion press has a working capacity of 8"– 10".

The diameter of the billet is 203 mm – 254 mm.

There is a 4-zone professional Quench (cooling) system of 8 m at the press outlet and a 22 m cooler outlet table. T3 – T4 – T5 – T6 – T66 hardnesses can be obtained by cooling with air, water, air + water methods with Quench (Cooling) System.

After the stretching process, basket sorting is performed without touching the profiles with the automatic Stacker System.

With the Double Puller system, product quality improvement is achieved during product transfer.

In addition to the special profiles used for Rail Systems, the Aviation Sector, the Shipping Sector, the Machinery Industry, the Automotive Sector, it is used for the production of profiles in different alloys.

It is used in aluminium billets, the alloy properties of which are 1xxx, 2xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx, 7xxx.

FORMAL Aluminium has an annual production capacity of 28,800 Tons with its 1100 UST, 1460 UST, 1800 UST, and 3500 UST DOUBLE ACTION presses.

FORMAL, which produces profiles and solutions for many sectors with its wide product range, is able to supply raw aluminium profiles to its customers up to 13 meters thanks to the 14-meter heat treatment furnace it has installed.

Aluminium billets used in extrusion lines are the primary raw material, and more 6060- 6063 series alloys are used in our production.  In addition, according to customer demand ; 1050, 1070, 6005, 6061, 6082, 6463 the series can be used in aluminium raw materials.

FORMAL, which adopts customer-oriented work as a principle, aims to provide services by producing special sizes and desired temper values when necessary, and can offer products in finished form thanks to its CNC machine park. Our productions comply with TS EN755 and TS EN12020 standards and are CE marked. The chemical composition of the raw materials of the products, their appearance, size and weight are controlled in the whole process.

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