Formal Alüminyum
Packaging Unit

The Formal Aluminium Packaging Plant also has a capacity of 6,000 Tons/year of Wrapping, 4,800,000 Mt/year of Foil, 4,800 Tons/year of crating. 

Apart from the standard packaging methods, our company offers a wide range of packaging models with Shrink, Foil, Wrapping, Stretching and Ribbon Pulling machines. With these models, the visible surfaces of the profiles are protected and ease of installation is ensured.

According to the surface properties of the products, the areas to be used and the storage conditions according to the preferred packaging methods, the produced profiles are carefully packed by our units after being checked by our Process Control teams, so that all necessary precautions are taken to avoid problems at the time of delivery.

Long-distance and short-distance deliveries are also provided without any problems with the crating methods carried out in the Formal Aluminium Packaging Facility.

Your products will be delivered to you specially with the packaging models you will choose during your orders.

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