Formal Alüminyum
Factory Shop

In our 550 m² factory sales center in Kayseri city center, we ensure quick loading and transport convenience with the support of forklifts.


Our factory shop has:

* Standard profile,

* Profiles of the machine industry

* Carpenter and facade profiles,

* Glass balcony profiles,

* Railing profiles,

* Advertising industry profiles

* Furniture profiles,

* Shower cabin profiles,


and you can buy profile accessories from stock for all groups.

Our credit card installment benefits are offered to our valued customers.


ADDRESS: ESKI SANAYI BÖLGESI 4. CAD. No: 85/e (Devlet Hastanesi eski Acil Karşısı) KAYSERI


Phone: 0 352 320 15 60 

FAKS: 0 352 320 15 06 

e-mail: magaza@formal.com.tr

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